Story Jam


The secret life of media

part of the Netherlands Film Festival
15 - 17 September 2023

In short

Join Story Jam REVEAL 15 - 17 September in Utrecht to:

💪 Make social impact with stories that reveal, at the intersection of storytelling, media and technology.

🎨 Collaborate with storytellers across different disciplines.

🚀 Develop innovative stories under healthy time pressure, with inspiring input and professional guidance.

Watch the project presentations

After three days of jamming, seven teams presented their projects to a live audience at the Netherlands Film Festival. Watch their presentations below.

Explore the prototypes

Seven teams worked for three days to brainstorm, design and develop an innovative storytelling prototype answering to the theme REVEAL: The secret life of media. Explore the projects below.

What's the story?

On 15 - 17 September Storytellers United organises Story Jam: REVEAL, in cooperation with IMPAKT, Mezrab, the World Makers Foundation, Sound & Vision and the Netherlands Film Festival. During three days, you work together in multidisciplinary teams under the guidance of mentors on new innovative story prototypes. 

The stories we will be developing are:

  • Interdisciplinary: combining the various expertises that team members bring to the table.
  • Innovative: experimental in the application of new technology and media for storytelling.
  • Investigative: under the theme REVEAL: The secret life of media, we will explore how storytelling can act as a powerful tool to help uncover hidden structures behind the media we use every day.

Projects developed at Story Jam cast a light on invisible technical and social processes that underlie the media landscape we are immersed in. Every project uses the medium that best suits the makers and their story, and could for example take the form of a web experience, but also be VR, performance, app or installation. After three days of working together, teams will share their results publicly during the Netherlands Film Festival Professionals Programme.

With whom?

We warmly invite creatives of all professional backgrounds with an interest in innovative forms of storytelling to take part. Perhaps you do photography, develop websites, produce podcasts, make theatre, are into data visualisation, create immersive experiences in VR or AR, excel at designing user interfaces or you enjoy editing videos for online platforms. Whatever experience you bring, you certainly have an open mind and enjoy collaborating across disciplines.

Like to connect?

Storytellers United is an international network of professional storytellers across a wide range of backgrounds. Curious to learn more about this event or other Storytellers United activities?

Where & When?

Public Project Presentations

On Sept 24th each Story Jam team will share their projects and creative process. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to test the stories and talk to the makers over drinks. All welcome, bring your friends!

NFF Prof Talk: Story Jam
24 September 19:00 - 21:00
Hekman Foyer, Stadsschouwburg, Utrecht

Open Call Launch

31 July, 17:00 - 18:30, Online. Launching the open call for participating in Story Jam REVEAL, with lightning talks by Maf'j Alvarez, Dasha Ilina and Pim Schachtschabel.


Story Jam is a series of co-creative storytelling workshops, running since 2013 across Europe including London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and Dublin.

See what we got up to at the 2022 edition Story Jam: New Neighbours in the video below.

Mentors and Speakers

During the Story Jam and the preceding Open Call Launch and Kick Off events, you are supported by a team of mentors and speakers who bring a diverse range of experience. More mentors and speakers will be announced in the run-up to the event.


About the organisers



Supported by

Creative Industries Fund
Story Jam REVEAL is made possible by a grant from the Digital Culture track of the Creative Industries Fund NL. We are able to offer participation to Story Jam for free thanks to this financial support.