Story Jam: New Neighbours

19 - 21 September 2022
part of the Netherlands Film Festival

Explore the prototypes

Five teams worked for three days to brainstorm, design and develop a prototype of an innovative, interdisciplinary, intercultural storytelling project. Explore their documentation below.

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What will we do?

On 19-21 September Storytellers United organises Story Jam: New Neighbours, in cooperation with Sound & Vision and the Netherlands Film Festival. During three days, you work together in multidisciplinary teams under the guidance of coaches on new intercultural story prototypes. 

The stories we will be developing are:

  • Intercultural: developed with Dutch newcomers about the added value of cultural cross-pollination.
  • Interdisciplinary: told from the various expertises that team members bring together.
  • Innovative: experimental in the application of new technology and media for storytelling.

Each prototype casts a different light on the multicultural society of the Netherlands and uses the medium that best suits the makers and their story. Projects can for example take the form of a web experience, but also be VR, performance, app or installation. After three days of working together, the teams will share their results publicly during the Netherlands Film Festival.

See an outline of the programme below.

With whom?

We warmly invite creatives of all professional backgrounds with an interest in innovative forms of storytelling to take part. Perhaps you do photography, develop websites, produce podcasts, make theatre, are into data visualisation, create immersive experiences in VR or AR, excel at designing user interfaces or you enjoy editing videos for online platforms. Whatever experience you bring, you certainly have an open mind and enjoy collaborating across disciplines.

We especially encourage you to join if you have moved to the Netherlands from another country. With this Story Jam we want to build on the unique perspectives from people who are new to this country and celebrate intercultural collaboration, experiences and stories.

Why now?

Influenced by migratory flows, including wars, political unrest and climate crises, Dutch society is becoming increasingly diverse. Story Jam: New Neighbours focuses on new stories from these multicultural communities and the social and economic value they bring to the table. How can we support each other and what can these connections and collaborations bring? How can we celebrate social and cultural richness? What can different backgrounds learn from each other? And how can intercultural stories help?

With this Story Jam, we want to challenge stereotypes and expose commonly held myths, put migrants' voices at the centre of discussions about migration and deliver innovative messages to promote the integration of Dutch newcomers into local communities.

Like to know more?

Storytellers United is an international network of professional storytellers across a wide range of backgrounds. Curious to learn more about this event or other Storytellers United activities?

In short

💪 Make social impact with stories that connect, at the intersection of storytelling and technology.

🎨 Collaborate with storytellers from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds.

🚀 Develop innovative stories under healthy time pressure, with inspiring input and professional guidance.

Take part

Participation is free of charge, catering will be provided.

Teams will be carefully formed to ensure a variety of skills, based on the information submitted in applications. Applications are sent on an individual basis. In case you want to apply with a team, please clearly mention this and include all team members in the application form.

You're warmly invited to bring project ideas into the co-creation process. Please keep in mind that each team will start with an ideation process to determine a focus that is shared by all team members. We ask you to have an open mind about the ideas you bring in and actively work to let them be enriched by new perspectives of others in your team.

Where & When?


Below is a rough outline of the programme, subject to change.

👉 Have a look at the full programme for more details.

Mon 19 Sept

  • Walk in, breakfast, coffee & tea
  • Welcome, introduction and goal setting
  • Brainstorm in teams: Discover insights into the problem
  • Lunch
  • Brainstorm in teams: Define the area to focus on
  • PPP stand-up: teams give a short 2 min update on Progress, Problems & Plans. Other teams can be asked for input and offer feedback.
  • End of day goal: a clear concept carried by the entire team

Tue 20 Sept

  • Walk in, breakfast, coffee & tea
  • Working in teams: Develop potential solutionsIdeally the clear concept enables teams to divide work. Some participants are designing, others are out recording, others are developing.
  • Lunch
  • Working in teams: Deliver solutions that work
  • PPP stand-up: teams give a short 2 min update on Progress, Problems & Plans. Other teams can be asked for input and offer feedback.
  • End of day goal: a first prototype (think hacky solutions, duct tape, placeholder content)

Wed 21 Sept

  • Walk in, breakfast, coffee & tea
  • Working in teams: Develop & Deliver iteration
  • Lunch
  • Finishing touches
  • Internal demo to other teams: tell the story!
  • End of day goal: a working prototype demoed in front of a live audience

Thu 22 Sept

Fri 23 Sept

Sat 24 Sept

Mentors and Speakers

During the Story Jam and the preceding kick off event, you are supported by a team of mentors and speakers who bring a diverse range of experience and expertise. More mentors and speakers will be announced in the run-up to the event.


About the organisers



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Story Jam New Neighbours is made possible by a grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL.

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