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Telling stories born on the web

We are an international community of media makers, technologists and designers interested in innovative forms of storytelling.

Humans have been storytellers since we first gathered around the campfire. As our media has developed through the ages, the way we tell stories has evolved. The web enables stories to be interactive, dynamic and participatory, empowering experiences previously left untold.

We are 600+ strong on Slack, hailing from different timezones, skillsets and professional backgrounds. We love sharing; from upcoming events to projects we're working on and from useful tools to exciting opportunities.

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We partner with organisations to explore the future of storytelling in quick, practical, multi-disciplinary sprints. We call these events 'Hack Jams': they mix story, code and creativity with fun and community. These events bring together teams, combining different skills to create innovative story prototypes that are born on the web.

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